Focusing on the Regulatory Challenges of Businesses Operating across Borders


We provide consultation services to businesses who are considering expanding into EU countries.

Whether you are thinking of exporting, importing, investing or of finding out about the various local incentives available to assist you to expand into a European country, we can help. We offer a wide range of legal and practical consultation services, and if an operational matter is important to your business we can assist in that as well.


The LMR service is partnered with Triniti Estonia.
We offer you many resources which will prove invaluable when starting a business in one of the EU countries.
We provide a unique service, covering multiple legal disciplines, including analyses of the following: European economic law, jurisdiction comparison, domestic business environment and regulatory compliance costs.


Tomasz Machelski, Ph.D., is an economic law specialist, an experienced university research associate and a senior lecturer. Tomasz has previously worked for the National Bank of Poland and a number of public and private companies in Poland and in the Baltic countries.

Tomasz currently works with distinguished academics, expert researchers and other entrepreneurs on legal ways to reduce the regulatory compliance burden, especially for SMEs.

Tomasz Machelski

Founder and ceo



Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

designation of a compliance officer, development of internal policies, procedures and controls, ongoing, relevant training of employees, independent testing and review

Currency, Monetary & Foreign Exchange Law

the use of foreign currency within the country, possessing foreign currency, restricting currency exchange to government-approved exchangers, exchange rates, the amount of currency that may be imported or exported, EU capital movements rules

Money International

using cash in business operations, cryptocurrency transactions, the private law of monetary obligations, international monetary law



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